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tour manager

Working as a tour manager can be as simple as taking a group from Miami to Disney for the day and as complex as conducting a 3-week tour across a continent. Daily duties vary from confirming arrangements and menus to delivering multilingual commentary and adjusting schedules, based on group wishes or travel conditions. Managing tour groups requires a combination of skills that are hard to describe in a few sentences. Bottom line: if you hire us to manage your tour, your passengers will be satisfied and they will be able to use their time during their personal or business trips optionally. We'll make sure they have time to relax and enjoy as well as the chance to discover, learn and explore. Our focus is on Europeans traveling in North America, however, we can take your group anywhere in the world. Taking care of passengers' needs remains a skill that takes years to hone, but can be applied all over the globe. We manage tours in English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish. Contact us to get a quote for a tour director, or for us to revise your programs and consult on programs, schedules, and content. With our 26 years of over-the-road experience, we can train your guides, drivers, event staff, tour leaders, and tour managers. Use this link to drop us a line with any questions or requests. 

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