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Promotions can be as simple as a flyer for an event and as complex as a full-on strategy for growing tourism in a city, area, or country. Projects often involve printed and online marketing, hosting documentary film crews, enabling journalist visits, paid advertisement, origin - and destination market research. These larger-scale endeavors often require collaboration with government tourism boards, local and international hotel brands as well as business associations. When working with destinations that need and want to develop a specific product in order to appeal to a particular origin market, we consult on product development, infrastructure development, community assessment, and marketing strategies. We also help form working relationships with tour operators and online travel consolidators worldwide. While mainly focusing our efforts on FIT (foreign individual travel), the promotional efforts also create opportunities for group travel, business travel, adventure travel, and the digital nomad experience. We specialize in introducing new and innovative ways of combining existing products. Assisting destinations with this process creates opportunities for small businesses. It also allows individuals to become representatives for their region. For more information, email us here. 

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