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home decor

Our design service includes home renovation, home organizing, interior decorating and custom furniture design. Our Guatemala location allows us access to unique fabrics that make your house a unique living space. Mayan fabrics generally mainly come in combinations of very bright colors. We focus on the more exclusive collection of naturally dyed fabrics of the San Juan La Laguna women's cooperatives. These weavings are made with natural dyes, mostly cottons, showing off designs in soft hues. Many feature the signature Jaspe geometrical forms crisscrossing the fabrics. Since most of these are woven on a back loom, the widths are limited. A solution is piecing them together with an embroidered seem,  creating larger pieces for blankets, throws, even duvet covers and table cloths. The standard fabric size is optimal for pillow covers, place mats and table runners.  Hammocks with these fabrics make beautiful additions to any interior or patio.  

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